A downloadable game for Windows

Survive as long as you can, and shoot for a high score!

But beware, fellow Baller, these squares WILL surround you!!
It won't be easy.

I may be taking this out of proportion, but in reality this is a very simple project that I made in school. I took a Scripting for Games class that taught me how to properly utilize Unity, and this game, among a few others, is the fruit of my learnings!

If I can find the time, I'm willing to build upon this school project. But at this point, since I'm a busy man, there's no guarantees!


  • You'll score 10 points for every kill
  • Every hit you take subtracts 5 points
  • Every kill with your gun upgrades it! But every hit you take will downgrade your weapon too!
  • Every kill with a bomb scores extra points, but does not build up your weapon upgrade
  • Bomb explosions do not harm you, and can even explode if a bullet hits it!
  • More and more enemies will spawn the longer the game gets, so don't die!
  • My highest score was 7445 points, so if you see this highscore upon downloading the game, just know that it's the developer's best score!

Install instructions

While the game has a section where you can view the controls, please look at Readme.txt

There's a lot more secrets and technical game notes that can greately benefit you!


BOBS.zip 34 MB

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